About us

Education Impact gathers experience, expertise and insight to help governments, companies and IGO’s transform and improve education.
Founded in 2008, Education Impact is an independent global fellowship of leading consultants focused on the effective use of information technology to transform teaching, learning and institutional administration. We are at the cutting edge of understanding and applying emerging educational practices through the use of technology in national systems, institutions, classrooms and the home. Education Impact ensures the convergence of expertise, experience and insight to help governments, international organisations and companies take informed decisions and implement the best solutions.

What we do

We help education policy makers and policy leaders see the possibilities of technology in education. Understanding the complexity of education systems and schools, and thinking systematically in our efforts to transform them is critical to assuring successful reforms and transformations. Being able to build and use systems models is therefore an important first step in organising to manage change. With this in mind, Education Impact has developed the 'Solution Development Framework', a unique twelve-step approach to managing our projects, while recognising that each project must be adapted according to the specific context of each client.


Education Impact fellows provide a variety of services to meet the needs of clients in the private, public and corporate sectors including ministries of education, international donors, development banks and international corporations.


Education Impact has worked with numerous different education stakeholders, belonging to the public, private and corporate sectors. Our customers include ministries of education, specialised government agencies, private firms from multinationals to emerging ICT companies and civil society organisations from donor organizations and foundations to development banks. The Fellows have extensive experience working with educational decision makers at ministries, regional, national and district education offices and with all levels of educational institutions including early childhood, primary and secondary schools, higher education, further/life-long education, public, private, academic and vocational institutions.

Contact us

Email: contact@educationimpact.net

Phone: +33 142 866 723

5, rue du Joseph Sansboeuf,
75008, Paris, France